2011-2012 Mid-State & All-State Information

Special Note (posted 2-21-12)

The regional payment postmark deadline for All-State fees to be submitted to TMEA is Thursday, March 1.

TMEA has decided to close online registration on Friday, February 24 rather than on March 2 as was previously announced.

Please be sure you have completed your registration and processed your payments by this Friday (2/24)

Special Note (posted 1-16-12)


It has come to my attention that a few directors and students across the state are having difficulties with the All-State rehearsal CD's, which I suspect is mostly due to the new MP3 disc format this year. You may remember that the nature of this year's choral repertoire created a larger number of rehearsal tracks, which would have made it necessary for each student to have two CD's per choir. The decision was made to utilize the more compact MP3 format, which only requires one CD per group, and will display the track title on computers and most MP3 devices. Teachers were sent traditional CD copies of the accompaniment and full rehearsal versions.

If you or your students are having difficulties with the MP3 discs, here are some options:

1) Try to play the CD in a computer. If the disc plays in a computer but not a CD player, the issue is with the CD player, which may not be capable of playing MP3 discs. If this is the case, you can transfer the MP3 files to a computer using iTunes (or a similar program), then burn traditional CD's for use in a CD player.

2) Because of the short timing involved, Mark Robertshaw of Part Recordings, Inc. has created a website to allow users to download rehearsal tracks directly over the Internet. See the instructions below:

To log onto the TN 2012 All State rehearsal track website follow this link:

  • http://www.partrecordings.com/honorchoir.php
  • Then enter (or cut and paste) the following items in the Honor Choir Sign In Box:
  • Honor Choir ID: tnas2012
  • Password: iris
  • You will then have access to all of the rehearsal tracks including the pronunciation guides. To listen to a track simply click on it. To download the track to your computer right click (Ctrl click on MAC) on the file and select a destination folder on your computer. The downloaded tracks can then be imported to any music player software (such as itunes) to be used to create a regular audio CD or synchronized with your mp3 playing device (such as your ipod or phone).

3) Mark has also agreed to send replacement copies of the CD in a traditional format (i.e. NOT MP3 discs). Due to the timing involved, you should seriously consider one of the earlier options first, as it will take a few more days for the CD's to arrive (they are shipped from California). Nevertheless, if you'd like replacement discs in the traditional format, please send me the affected voice part(s), the choir(s), and the appropriate mailing address and I will forward that information to Robertshaw immediately.

I apologize for any complications you may have had with the CD's this year. Unfortunately these "growing pains" sometimes occur as we attempt to keep pace with the many advances in technology that come our way.

Thanks for your understanding. Stay tuned for more important information related to All-State 2012 in the coming days.

Michael Short
All-State General Chair (Choral)
Tennessee Music Education Association
(423) 237-2031

Duty Roster for All State (posted 4-5-12)
All State Rehearsal Schedule (posted 2-16-12)
2nd Tier Judging Assignments - Final (posted 1-26-12)
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Mid-State Director Assignments (posted 11-14-11)
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Mid-State Music Costs (posted 10-31-11)

Freshman Honors and Mid-State Rankings (posted 10-31-11):

Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Bass 1
Bass 2
Freshman Soprano
Freshman Alto
Freshman Tenor
Freshman Bass

Mid-State and Freshman Honor Rehearsal Tracks (posted 10-26-11)

October 12, 2011

Mid-State and Freshman Honor Choir music is ready to be picked up at Riverdale High School - PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO GET YOUR MUSIC THIS WEEK AND BEGIN TEACHING IT-your kids need their music! You can come at any time any day--just make your way to Brenda Williams' choral music room after checking in at the office. If you come after school, make sure she knows you're coming ahead of time. Brenda is planning to be there until 5:30 or so on Wednesday. Thursday after school is not available, but Friday should be okay. If one person from your area would like to pick up music for several schools, please arrange that among your colleagues yourself so that you can make arrangements as you prefer. ALL MUSIC SHOULD BE PICKED UP FROM RIVERDALE THIS WEEK.

As for rehearsal CD's, Mark Robertshaw contacted me after I placed the order for CD's this year to say that he was not willing to make rehearsal CD's and sell to individual schools in MTVA this year because many schools in our association were very negligent in getting payment to him last year. He stated that his company had to contact administration at several schools who had yet to pay for CD's near the end of the year. Though this resource is not available this year, Brenda Williams is making some rehearsal CD's for her own students that may become available to the membership. She and I are working out details on how to get those materials to you. I will let you all know about these CD's in the coming days.

Many Thanks, Michael Choate

Audition Results

PDF File (posted 10-1-11)
Excel Spreadsheet (posted 10-1-11)

Auditions are September 30 and October 1 at Riverdale High School.

2011 Audition Schedule - Friday
2011 Audition Schedule - Saturday
2011 Audition Schedule - Excel Spreadsheet

Audition Cuts (posted 9-28-11)

2011 Director Assignments (posted 9-27-11)
Sample Score Card (added 9-25-11)
Audition Update (posted 9-22-11)
Judging Procedures (posted 9-22-11)

Midstate/All-State Audition Repertoire 2011-2012

Freshman Honors Choir
Teach Me, O Lord (Attwood)

Music (PDF file)

MP3 Files - All Parts - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass

MIDI Files - All Parts - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass

Mid-State Women
Confitemini Domino (Palestrina)

Music (PDF File)

MIDI Files - All Parts - Soprano 1 - Soprano 2 - Alto 1 - Alto 2

MP3 Files - All Parts - Soprano 1 - Soprano 2 - Alto 1 - Alto 2

Mid-State Men
Cantate Domino (Hassler)

Music (PDF File)

MP3 Files - All Parts - Tenor 1 - Tenor 2 - Bass 1 - Bass 2

Midstate SSAATTBB Audition Piece
Nunc Dimittis (Gretchaninoff)

Music (PDF File)

MIDI Files - All Parts - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass

MP3 Files - All Parts - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass